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Serenity Keepers is the leading provider of home care focused on you and your family!!!

About Serenity Keepers Home care


Serenity Keepers is one of the newest home care agencies located in Sumter, SC. We were establish in 2016 with you in mind. What will you or your family do if an unforeseen accident happened to you or one of your loved ones? Will you be mentally and physically able to provide excellent care for them while they are disabled? Will you be financially prepared to pay for a caregiver? You probably answered yes to these questions; then again you probably answered no. 

Serenity Keepers is fully staffed with professionally trained caregivers with thorough background checks awaiting to offer great services sealed with love. Here we build professional relationships with our clients and cater to their needs so they won't have to feel the emotions of going through a change in their life. Our managers and supervisors go above and beyond to make sure that your loved one receives the best services possible. We personally introduce ourselves to our clients and make home visits periodically to make sure that you or your loved one is getting the best treatment and services there is to offer. Here at Serenity Keepers we are all one big family.


Serenity Keepers is also the most competitive home care agency when it comes to cost effectiveness. Our private pay rates are spectacular and we also offer care to medicaid recipients. We help you establish a plan and also help discover any other agencies that will help you and your family financially. 

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